Welcome to Kindly Tribe - We are glad you are here!

One of my fondest childhood memories was creating designs with my sisters using colored pencils. Having 36 colors to choose from was such a big deal then! It gave me great joy, and my creativity went wild!

For many years I did the “reasonable” thing or “the right thing to do”. Looking back, it probably was.

Fast forward some decades, and I still feel joy and excitement as I create art. It is undeniable that I have the heart of an artist. I am the happiest when I am creating. Now I have unlimited colors to create beauty, and I have a great desire to share goodness, kindness and joy through art.

Almost a decade ago I went through a sudden health crisis. It was the scariest time for me and my family.

I was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for a few days waiting for some answers to what the problem was. I shared a room with a young lady who, like me, was dealing with some serious condition. She came to my side of the room, looked at me, and said: “You are so beautiful”. Mind you, I was not beautiful at all. My hair was a complete mess, and I have never been so sick and discouraged in my whole life. She was suffering but she took the time to be nice to me. Her kind words warmed my heart. From time to time, I remember her kindness with gratitude.

I believe that Kindness brings people together in meaningful ways. A kind word or action can make a positive impact on people's lives, including ours.

Our designs are created to bring joy, inspiration and beauty to others.

We invite you to be a part of this community.

One kind act at a time.


 Agatha Andrade

Kindly Tribe Owner and Designer